Our team at iKapa coaches is a dedicated and committed team. Each of us has different and diverse strengths. We have worked together for a long time and we understand each other. We know we can rely on each other. We are all links in a chain. As individuals we give 100% all the time to ensure we are a successful team. Our expertise has developed over the years and today we are proud to work together to achieve high levels of service our clients expect from us.

Our dynamic team of managers and consultants see that booking a coach with us is a pleasant and easy experience. Backed by a professional and highly qualified maintenance crew, our team makes sure that no vehicle leaves our depot without being thoroughly checked. We take pride in our vehicles and we are confident that our passengers are in safe hands and enjoy a comfortable experience in our pristine coaches. We are frequently entrusted with groups of school children or elderly people and our commitment is to get them to their destination safely, in comfort, and on time.

Jacqui Mitchell Branch Manager

I have always had a passion for tourism and I believe a person is at work 90% of your life so you need to enjoy what you do or you are wasting your time. My Career in tourism started with me travelling abroad for 2 years doing GATE projects. I was then a river guide for Felix Unite where I gained experience in the field and had the pleasure of combining my outdoor passion with working. I was then involved in operations for Flexi Wheels and have since then never left the “wheels” side of tourism. I have grown at Hylton Ross from Consultant to Marketing to operations Manager and now 14 years later Branch Manager. I like to think I have had experience in all the various divisions of our coaching company.

Lorna Simone Sales & Marketing

I love the travel industry and I’ve enjoyed being involved in the industry in a variety of different ways, from hotels and hospitality, to inbound and outbound travel. My experience has taken me to some amazing countries and I loved every exciting minute of it all, but the most exciting moments were usually when I disembarked from a flight, or a ship, or a train, and I could see Table Mountain and Table Bay. I love the vibrant sights and sounds of Cape Town, and of the rest of South Africa. I feel very privileged being able to work in an industry and in a country I love.

Henry Pienaar Operations / Charter Consultant

I come from a family of 5 brothers (one being a twin). My mother is a nurse and my father is a teacher. I like to think that people are just ‘my thing’, my passion! I’m a part time pastor and my ideal dream one day would be to be more involved with working in the ministry. I also love sports, especially soccer and I am an avid player. I have been in the tourism industry for the past 25 years. I joined the iKapa Coaches team in 2012. It has been quite a learning curve for me, but I love what I do.

Keon Daniels Marketing

I am a bright and happy 24 year old who has a passion for the tourism industry. I had the opportunity to go and study at Northlink College Tygerberg Campus. I enjoy going the extra mile for my clients and having started at Hylton Ross I have learnt so much about the travel and tourism industry, and I find the transport section very interesting. I have grown to love each and everyone in the office. I strive to live our company values to the best of my ability. So far working at Hylton Ross has been a pleasure, I am delighted to have the opportunity to broaden my knowledge of the industry I am passionate about.

Dale Jacobs Charter Consultant

Two years ago I started off as a porter at the Rockwell hotel and I assisted at the Concierge desk when needed. I slowly gained the knowledge and ability to operate at a Concierge desk and that allowed me the opportunity to liaise with clients at one of the biggest touring company’s travel desk, Hylton Ross Touring. Being in the right place at the right time, I turned out to be the right man! I was recruited by Hylton Ross Touring / iKapa Coaches into their head office where I am currently an Operations Consultant.
Within the space of two years I could do all this! It proves that if you put your heart and mind into achieving your dreams, anything is possible!

Tania Meyer Operations Scheduler

I started my career in the transport industry in 1994. My life has been punctuated into different phases in the transport industry which I have just absorbed as awesome life experiences. I love life and this industry just creates so much opportunity for growth you are never at a stage of stagnation. The love of people and the knowing that this greatness we call our world has been given to us is just more reason to excite you into a pursuit of joy:  Thus love the journey as this industry has been created for us to grow in every area of our lives as we go about our daily duties which evolves into passion for our people and the network we find ourselves in.  What a drive this has been and still  is!!!  I am always looking forward to meeting new people and embracing new opportunities within our industry.

Drummond Murison Workshop Manager

I joined the Coach industry under the Springbok Atlas banner in 2014 after 25 years in the retail Motor industry. I have three sons and my eldest is 18. My passion is rock and surf angling, especially in the winter months. There is no better feeling than standing on the rocks in the rain fishing at Misty Cliffs, and watching Hylton Ross, Springbok Atlas and Ikapa coaches driving past full of tourists. When I wave to our drivers, everybody waves back.